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If you are fortunate enough to have children in your life, my little book, HOOYAHMI - Stories and Poems for Children Ages 5 to 10, offers  enjoyable opportunities for you to read aloud to the younger ones and, for children ages 8, 9 and 10, a chance for them to read a story on their own. There are teaching points in the poems and stories, some of which I suggest my Guide for Parents, Teachers and Librarians. The PDF file is "bookmarked" to quickly find a poem or story.

Only a Leaf recounts several of my spiritual adventures and offers some thought-provoking information and ideas for your consideration as a seeker in this lifetime or even just an observer of your fellow human beings. About 75% of the book is “channeled.” It has 128 pages cover to cover and is bookmarked for quick and easy lookup by topic. You may also download it in a zip file.  (Some readers' comments about Only a Leaf)

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It is my pleasure to offer these books to you in the hope you will find value in them. I am grateful to be living in the era of the Internet which allows us humans to share experiences and thoughts world-wide.
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