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Effectiveness Tips Welcome Video

Many factors bear on your personal and professional effectiveness. These files contain tips, ideas and tools useful in addressing those factors. Most of the material is from my seminar book, The Down Home, Plain Talk, No Frills Guide to Personal and Professional Effectiveness (no longer available).

Don't Sit on Your Assumptions
Guidelines for Team Leaders
How to Keep Harry in the Dark
Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Questions About Processes and Other Stuff
Quick-and-Dirty Twelve-Step Project Checklist
Reality Check
So You Want to be in Charge
Tips for Examining Processes
Tips on Effectiveness
Tips on Managing Change
Tips on Meetings
Tips on Plans and Projects
Tips on Rules of Thumb
Tips on Troubleshooting
Tips on Writing ("A Few Thoughts on Writing Well")
Thou Shalt Not Gleeb!

gleeb  v. 1. to filch, snaffle, purloin.  2. to despoil, abduct, pilfer, poach.  3. ravage.  4. to expropriate, annex, plunder.  5. to commit vile acts upon.

Effectiveness Tips
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