Critters scurrying
      Noisily through the
Winter is coming!

Piled upon the bed,
      The toys and the
      teddy bear;
The start of First Grade.

Flocks of flapping crows
      Announced the
      morning loudly;
Scrounging carrion.

Hummingbirds have flown
      To Mexico for
Cold weather coming!

The full moon and clouds
      Played peek-a-boo
      late last night;
The air crisp and cold.

Wantanabe’s wife
Pressing flowers
in a book—
Many years have passed!

The chipmunks refuse
To join my meager
Come on ready ants!

Yellow aspen leaves
      Declare the coming winter;
Pine trees surround them.

A fingernail moon—
      Leaves collecting on the porch;
Summer is over.

Autumn crows gather
while golden leaves fly away;
Warm days and cool nights.
Cold granite rock makes
      Vestigial tailbones ache;
At home, soft warm chairs.

Hot sun and cactus;
But when the sun-furnace sets,
A million cool stars.