This is an example of  the Native American theme Terry Matthews    
explores in his art. 
There is more of  his work in my art gallery on pages one and two.
Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter
New Year's and Looklikes
Hopeful little boy—
His father is out
The missing puppy.

The mending season:
Snow covered
fields heal plow
I, also, repair.

The haiku and weeds
Are popping up
Then they go to seed!

Learning discipline,
Old manacles fell
Counting syllables.

In seventeen sounds,
What can be said:
earth, seed, bud,
Blossom, all of it.

Silver nighttime cloud—
A full moon
lights the
The runner's footsteps.

The breadcrumb and ant,
Sliding down the
sandy cone;
Beginning again!

She told her husband,
It's love that
really matters;
He said, What’s for lunch?

Neither scholarship
Nor priestly ways
But this: Love is all.

Some haiku for computer users.

© 2010  T Matthews  Art

When this pencil falls
Like the leaf of the aspen,
Then, then I may rest.

Borrowed images;
Perhaps just the last alone
Will belong to me.

Recent rain, shining,
The Sun spirits you away;
So I will vanish.

New Year’s Day sunshine:
Happy children chase pigeons;
Tai chi in the park.

Popping firecrackers—
Old men sitting in the park;
An empty pale sky.

Annual New Year’s walk;
Cold fresh air and a fresh start—
Not so many left.